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Detailed Horoscope Reading

What is Detailed Horoscope Reading? A horoscope based on the configuration of planets - Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and others drawn as per the time, date & place of your birth holds the key to all mysteries of your life. It’s a key which can actually unlock the reason behind all events that have happened in past and are going to take place in future. Interpretations of your birth chart by an expert Vedic Astrologer can give you a wealth of information on just about everything in your life. It can give you not just the reason behind why the things are, the way they are and how they will continue to shape up in future but also the 'ways & means' to correct them if some of them happen to be not so favourable. So if you want to understand more about your life and read what’s in store for you, a Detailed Horoscope reading with predictions is most suitable for you. The experienced Shivanand Astrologer prepares your precise birth chart on the basis of the birth data provided by you. This gives him the placement of different planets – altogether 9 in number in 12 different houses across the 12 zodiac signs. This chart is then deeply studied to interpret each and every sphere of your life to draw future predictions. While doing the same, the future transits of key planets are considered along with the dasa periods (Vimsottari Dasa) and the operating dasa at the time of your birth. While the position & strength of planets decides the occurrence of events, the dasa analysis provides vital clues on the timing of those events, that is the time when the effects as being presented by your birth chart will manifest in your life. All of this is presented in form of a Detailed Horoscope Reading with Predictions. For instance, it will tell you if you would inherit wealth; if your spouse would be a perfect match for you and your career trajectory would go upwards! It is the most popular of all the Vedic Astrology Readings and is widely ordered by the clients across the world

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