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Lord Durga Mata Pooja

Dura Mata Prayers

Lord Durga Mata Pooja

Shivanand Astrologer on each day of the Durga Puja a different style of the puja is performed. In the evenings the story of Sati and Parvati are read out so that the people attending the puja can get blessed.
Along with the Goddess Durga the Goddess Laksmi and Saraswati are also worshipped in Bengal. The Bengalis also worship Lord Ganesha and Kartik on a daily basis. This is exactly why all these five idols are seen together in Durga puja. The Durga puja done in Bengal is a little different from the one done in the north India.
We hope that this will help you to perform the Goddess Durga puja better and with fewer hassles. check our site to make Goddess Durga puja and how it can help you. Enjoy the nine nights of the Navratri and celebrate the Durga pujan.

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