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Astrolgy is an unique ability to predict ones future and can also be called as a Science used to analyse personalities and relationships. The study of Astrolgy comproises the analysyis of heavenly bodies like Sun, Moon, Planets & Stars based on their movements, positioning & influences on our lives. There are times when you feel disconsolate and feel low because of the effects from the above influences and in these times you need somebody to guide you to overcome a cause or occasion of grief or regret and help you in your decisions. Pandit Shivanandji provides you with this opportunity. He acts as your guide, philosopher & friend.

Pandit Shivanand is an Indian Astrloger in Liberty Avenue, who has been acknowledged & accepted as one of the Great Astrolgers in India. The world renowned Astrolger is now spreading his benevolence work across the world. The best Astrloger of India has spread his services now in Liberty Avenue and is helping people to overcome the tough times of their lives. Pandint Shivanandji’s vision and accurate predictions about someones problems has earned him a position as one of the Best Astrolgers in Liberty Avenue. Pandit Shivanajis achievements and accuracy in Astrology has been appreciated and accredited by many.


Pandit Sivanandji has spent decades in thorough study and research of Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Gemology, Palmistry, Mantras & principles of Vaasthu Shastra. His prime ambition in his work is to minimize the distress in everyones life and maximise the happiness. Panditjis logical & scientific analysis of the life problems using ancient concepts of astrology has given new magnitude and vitality to Astrology. Panditjis abundant knowledge, astonishing & accurate predictions, perfect control over solutions for all kindly problems make him one of the Greatest Astrologers of all time.

Pandit Shivanaji is one of the Genuine Indian Astrologer in Liberty Avenue, who provides expert advice on Education, Career, Love, Relationship, Marriage, Children, Health Wealth aspects. Panditji is also well known for his Horoscope readings, Horoscope matching for marriages, Business Astroloy, Love & Relationship Astrology, Gemstone Astrology and painless remedies for Problems.

Pandit Shivanandji is well known for his Astrological remedies. You would be astonished by his profoundly knowledge of Astrology. Panditji would explain the cause of your problem & will provide simple solutions for all your problems. He is also specialized in career counselling, Checking future of your children, Health issue or bad luck. He is here to drive you and empower you to take control of your life. Panditji provides you with expert advice on love and relationships and helps you get your loved ones back. He could check your compatibility and gives vashikaran mantra to bring back the lost love in your life. Panditji also offers spiritual guidance to assist you in your kife decisions.

Pandit Shivanandji is one of the best Astrloger in liberty avenue. He provides you an opportunity to get blessed with his years of meditation, progress & experience in the field of Astrology. His advice provides you healing touch for all your problems and his motivational words, will only bring the required positivity in your life. The one person whom you can trust to get 100% assured solution for all your problems is Pandit Shivanadjis. Visit him once to end all your worries.

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Palm Reading

Palm Reading is done by looking into your lines in your Hands which reveals your Future of Life. palm reading is practiced all over the world


Get your love back

Astrologer Shivanand Ji, a spiritual healer and astrologer in Canada & USA believes in the power of love and recognizes the significance.


specialist IN Reunite Lovers

Astrology is a tool that can be used to gain insight into one's personality, strengths, weaknesses, and potential future.


Negative Energy Removal

Astrologer Shivanand Ji provides negative energy removal services in New York that are adapted to the individual requirements and circumstances.


Black Magic Removal

Astrologer Shivanand Ji provides black magic removal services in Canada & USA that are adapted to each client's individual needs and circumstances.


Family Problem

Astrologer Shivanand Ji provides relationship issue resolution services in Canada & USA that are intended to provide insight and direction to people.



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As a leading and Famous Indian astrologer in New York USA, Shivanand ji offers reliable and practical astrology solutions to all the life problems.


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